IWT-40 Interstor Indirect Water Heater (38 Gal.)


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  • Made of durable high quality AISI 444 stainless steel, coil made of 316L stainless steel, which provide added durability and corrosion resistance
  • 100% pickled and passivated to ensure maximum corrosion resistance
  • 2” thick polyurethane foam insulation, reducing standby tank temperature losses
  • Includes 10k domestic hot water tank sensor
  • Top DHW connections*, side boiler connections, increasing install efficiency while saving time and money on material and labour
  • High output MAX models available in both 80 and119 gallon models
  • Durable steel jacket


INTERSTOR - IWT water heaters are made from high grade stainless steel. The interior coil is made from 316L SS and the tank is made from 444 SS.


All welds are made by a high quality welding process, TIG (GTAW), eliminating the possibility of crevice corrosion. Tank connections are the same high quality stainless as the coil ensuring resistance to corrosion. The complete tank is then pickled and passivated inside and out, improving overall corrosion resistance. There is no substitute for stainless steel when it comes to domestic water heating and storage. Stainless steel is proven to have a far superior lifespan versus glass lined alternatives.


The extended surface area of our stainless steel heat exchanger results in superior DHW performance, 2-3 times more the hot water than a standard gas fired water heater.


When compared to direct fired water heaters, efficiency is like night and day. Since an indirect water heater works with the existing boiler heating system, hot water can be provided instantly whenever you need it and it is heated with the same high efficiency you’ve come to expect from your home space heating.