3/4” x 1,000 - X-PERT S5 5-Layer PE-RT Pipe w/ O2 Barrier


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The five-layer pipe consists of a layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer (EVOH) sandwiched between two layers of Polyethylene Copolymer Resin and two layers of adhesive. This structure provides the outstanding long-term hydrostatic design strength demanded by hydronic heating applications.

  • X-PERT S5® 5-Layer PE-RT Pipe w/ O2 Barrier
  • Five Layer PE-RT tubing (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature)
  • DOWLEX™ 2344 Polyethylene Copolymer Resin
  • Layers: PE-RT - Adhesive - EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier - Adhesive - PE-RT
  • Used for all radiant and hydronic heating applications
  • Unsurpassed flexibility and recyclable
  • Compatible with standard PEX fittings, cold expansion fittings, and mechanical fastening systems
  • Cold bending radius – 6 x diameter