Honeywell F50F/F300

Honeywell Electronic Air Filter

Models beginning with F50F and F300

Find replacement parts for Honeywell F50F and F300 Electronic Air Cleaners including power supplies, pre-filters, post-filters, cleaner in this category.

Honeywell F50F and F300 models can be identified by the following:

  • powerhead extends the entire length of the cabinet
  • F50F models are often a dark tan colour
  • F300 models are often blue and white
  • indicator light next to the power switch
  • Model # found inside the door begins with F50F or F300
  • F300 models have greenish blue post filters

Many parts for Honeywell F50F and F300 electronic air cleaners are found in this category. If you are looking for a part and don't see it listed here, contact us for price and availability

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