Do you have an electronic air cleaner on your furnace or a portable electronic air cleaner?  Have you ever wondered how often you should clean the collecting cells and aluminum pre-filter?
Maybe you have a portable HEPA air cleaner?  Have you changed the carbon pre-filter within the last 3-6 months?  Have you changed the HEPA filter within the last year or two?
At Pacific Clean Air we can set you up on a maintenance schedule so your air cleaner is performing at its highest efficiency.  We provide mobile service or you can bring your cells and pre-filters in to be professionally cleaned.

Electronic Air Cleaners

We recommend using a multi-purpose cleaner to wash your cells and filters. Pacific Clean Air carries two brands of cleaner:
Intern Multi-Purpose Liquid Cleaner in a 4 litre jug
DAX Air Cleaner Detergent in a 1 litre spray bottle.
INTERN EAC cleaner

Portable Hepa Air Cleaners

Honeywell® HEPA air cleaners are equipped with electronic controls and the Intelli-Check Filter Monitors to serve as a convenient reminder when to replace the pre-filter and HEPA filter.
carbon pre-filter: change every 3-6 months, depending on usage.
HEPA filter: change every 1-3 years, depending on usage.
when the filter check light comes on steady it's time to change the filter.
carbon prefilter
WARNING: not changing the filter when it is due will cause unnecessary strain on the motor and may cause permanent damage.


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