There is a lot you should know about how air cleaners work and the air you breathe! Would an air cleaner help? Should it be HEPA or Electronic? Portable, central or a combination? Are the relative humidity levels a concern in your home? Since 1988 Pacific Clean Air has been helping people create healthier environments. Our primary focus is air filtering and air purification. We believe that thorough research and education is critical before purchasing an air cleaner. Where can you get all the facts about air cleaners? Right here!

Pacific Clean Air does not use pressure or scare tactics to sell our products. We believe that knowing the facts about all air filtration products will aid you in making an educated and informed decision. The knowledgeable staff at Pacific Clean Air have the information you require about air cleaning and purification systems.

Want more information indoor air quality? Have a look at our extensive list of definitions.

Pacific Clean Air also sells portable air conditioners. Each year we search for the best portable air conditioner to offer our clients. This year we are pleased to be the Canadian distributor for the top quality Amico AP14000.

With 14000 Btu cooling capacity, the AP14000 is the most powerful portable air conditioner we have ever offered. And it is the most powerful portable available without requiring a dedicated high voltage power supply.

Pacific Clean Air is also the Authorized Repair Depot for Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners in British Columbia. We offer repair parts for all Honeywell F50 and F300 EAC models including the F50A, F50B, F50E, F50F, F300A and F300E series of electronic air cleaners. If your air cleaner does not work or if you need new pre-filters, post-filters or any other part, we probably have it. Have a look in our EAC repair parts section for more information.

Does your furnace have a high efficiency 4" or 5" media filter? We offer replacement filters for many of the most popular models. With MERV 10 and MERV 13 models available for many sizes. Look in our Media Filter section for more information.

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